Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about delivery:

How long will it take to get my order?

 Click here for current delivery time estimates. 


Can I get my order sooner than usual?

If you need your items sooner than the time frame stated we can offer alternative delivery options. Contact us with your requirements.


Questions about our products:

What's the difference between 'Express' and non-Express versions of your products?

Our 'Express' versions require some self assembly (it takes about 5 minutes, all the tools are supplied, and it's very straightforward). This means we can deliver them quickly. 

The non-Express versions require no assembly, and they can't be dis-assembled - we weld (melt the metal) the frames together, which makes them seriously strong. Because of their size, they're made to order and delivery will take longer than the Express versions.


Do you do bespoke or custom furniture?

Yes. See here.


Can cold/hot drinks be placed on the top without coasters?

The wood is covered in a premium lacquer. This prevents spills penetrating the surface of the wood, so they can be wiped clean easily. 

That said, we always recommend using coasters, and wiping up spills immediately. This is extra important if you have ordered an extra light (e.g. whitewashed) tabletop, and you spill something that may stain, like curry, on the table. 


How smooth are the wooden tops?

The tops are almost completely smooth - the joints between the planks are seamless. If you run your hand along the wooden top the majority will be very smooth, with some areas perhaps having a very slight texture due to the grain of the wood.


What wood do you use?

The wood we use is European Redwood, which is classed as Grade A, which means any knots etc. are small and flat, and won't fall out. After it has been sanded so it's very smooth, it is conditioned with our own custom stains and varnishes. Our standard finish is very popular because it has a range of wood tones in it, so it tends to tie in nicely with many different room decors.


Your items are made of steel - will they rust in my house?

The metal is coated with a lacquer which will prevent rusting, provided you don't use them outside or in e.g. a steamy shower room.


Will my floor get marked by the metal?

There are low-profile plastic inserts on the feet which prevent the steel from being directly in contact with the floor.


Do you use reclaimed wood?

Absolutely not. We don’t use old scaffolding boards or barn wood or pallet planks or anything like that.

First – reclaimed wood has usually never been dried properly. It’s spent its working life absorbing moisture from outdoors where it’s been used and then when you take it indoors it’ll dry out which causes it to shrink, crack, and warp. (All of our wood has been kiln dried – it’s been put in big ovens for weeks to dry it out to specific moisture contents which match with that in a standard home).

 Second – we think reclaimed wood is a health hazard, and simply wouldn’t want it in our homes. As well as absorbing moisture, wood absorbs whatever else it’s been exposed to. It may sound romantic (‘railway carriage wood’ or ‘barn wood’) but it’s pretty industrial stuff. That railway carriage wood will have absorbed lots of fumes, and who knows what’s been stored in that barn. When it comes into your home it’ll gradually re-emit whatever it’s absorbed, potentially fouling the air of your home with who knows what.

We think clean air is important. Our products have no added formaldehyde (unlike MDF or veneered wood products), and the wood finishes are non-toxic for humans, animals, or plants.