Furniture Dropshipping

What is dropshipping?

Furniture is large, which means it can be difficult and expensive to deliver and store in warehouses. 

Dropshipping is when the retailer sells the goods to the customer, but the retailer never actually handles the goods. Instead, the supplier (in this case us, Appa Furniture) delivers the goods directly to the customer. 

Dropshipping has several advantages for the retailer:

  • No need to deal with two deliveries (instead of delivering to the retailer's warehouse and then the customer, the goods are delivered directly to the end customer).
  • The retailer doesn't need to buy lots of inventory up front.
  •  The retailer doesn't need to deal with deliveries, warehousing, etc. - you can grow your sales without having to increase your staff.

Furniture is ideally suited to dropshipping because of its large size.

 Why choose Appa Furniture as a dropshipping partner?

We've been making furniture from our Glasgow premises since 2014. 

Originally we sold direct-to-consumer via our online shop. We sold many thousands of items and, despite our customers never seeing the products in person prior to purchase (sold exclusively online), we had a returns rate of less than 0.5%. 

Many of our customers are repeat customers, and evangelists for our work. Many of our customers are businesses - film production companies, investment banks; people who appreciate nice things. We know that our products are better than what you find in big name stores. They're also better than what you get from the usual drop shipping suppliers.

We want to grow as a company. But we can't grow by doing everything ourselves. 

We're looking to partner with like-minded retailers, contract furniture specialists, and others in the interiors trade. We make it, you sell it.

Do you qualify for dropshipping with Appa Furniture?

  • You must have a registered business, or be a business owner based in the UK. Appa Furniture is strictly wholesale and will not sell to the general public.
  • The delivery address must be mainland UK.

As purchases from Appa Furniture are business to business, there is no 14 day returns policy. 

As a retailer of our products to your customers, if your customer decides to return the item for any reason other than a defective item, you will need to make necessary arrangements. We can handle such returns if necessary, though a fee will apply. 

See our full terms and conditions for more details.