Desk Nº 1 - Express

Express Delivery

Usually delivered within 3-5 working days (though please allow an extra day or so, due to unpredictable lockdown impact). 

After a couple of years and several hundred requests, we're now able to offer an express version of our original classic, Desk Nº 1.

Like its elder brother, this desk is simple, solid, and sustainable. It has the same solid wood top and robust gunmetal steel legs, with the added convenience of rapid delivery.

We've designed it to be easy and quick to assemble, whilst retaining the strength, rigidity, and quality for which our furniture is becoming increasingly renowned. 

This version is available in our most popular lengths.

  • Solid wood, reclaimed style: Sustainable. Smooth. No big gaps in which your pen can snag. Protected from spills.
  • Industrial steel legs and stiffening chassis - allows for quick assembly, and maximum strength.
  • Built to last: Easily and quickly repaired and refreshed. Suitable for classy homes and commercial establishments. Repeatedly dis-assemble/re-assemble with no loss in strength.
  • Practical: Maximum clearance between floor and desktop – fit your office chair arms completely underneath. Perfect size for metal filing cabinets. Adjustable feet - no rocking on uneven floors.
  • Handmade in the UK.


  • Your chosen length (90 / 120 / 150 / 180 cm)
  • 75 cm high (69 cm clearance underneath)
  • 60 cm deep

Featured in the photographs is the 120 cm long desk.